Our Promise

Rooms for relaxation, for highest well-being, for fun and activity.

Retreat rooms for a
new, trendy spa generation
with special demands and joy in the new and unique.

On at least 1,000 m2 beauty, wellness, spa and fitness.
Everything there in the Avidea Spas for your personal treat.

avidea. Trendy. Sweet. Lively.


In the Avidea Spas
you will find 
a unique combination
from well-being, 
relaxation, activity and fun.

Always exactly the way you want it.

Just leave the 
I'm dancing happiness hormones. 


Beauty and grace 

in all areas.


Inner and outer beauty, 

very individual.


Uniquely beautiful places,

the place for many beautiful,

modern things offer.


According to your wishes.


We give your life energy.

How and to what extent
you decide all alone.

Whether through
targeted externalapplications,
effective training or
customized outdoor activities.