Avidea is as varied as your needs - our symbols help you choose the right spa offer:


Where energies flow again, fun is not far away. Experience the regenerating effect of a treatment. Experience massage techniques and beauty treatments that bring body and mind into a healthy balance. 


Decide what you want to move. 5 or 50. Improve your mobility and vitality under qualified guidance. Feel how your body develops new reserves and how much fun it is to be active.


Recreation through activity - whether indoors or outdoors. Wether jet skiing, paragliding or Zumba on the beach. Adrenalin makes your body flexible and your mind happy!  


You fancy a change of type or just a nice make-up, styling or beautiful hands. From the manicure to the individual style consultation to the perfect haircut and the perfect color for your type. 

The result: peace and freshness.

The result: More performance and vitality.

The result: Pure adventurous spirit.

The result: An individual treat.